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Say Yes to Solar 

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Solar Panel Systems

Solar Planet will design and build solar projects that meet or exceed your goals. We help homeowners offset 100+% of their current electricity costs.

To get started we need your last months energy bill. With that information, we design a custom proposal for your review without any sales pressure. We are available by phone, email or in person to answer any questions they have about going solar.

Your Solar Consultant walks you through the entire process to get solar on your home. We will show you all cost to get solar, provide financing, show return on investment, electricity savings, and more. Our solar engineers draft a custom design for your property for you to review and approve.

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Going Solar is EASY

Solar power usage is becoming crucial for the future of our planet. Adding a solar energy system to your home and helping you in the solar power generation process: this is our primary objective.

With Solar Planet you will get fast installs, quality products, and warranties that matter. Our job is to design a system with the best value equipment, best warranties (and companies that will be around to back the warranty), with the best financing.

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Get a customer built solar design emailed directly to you. No contract – no credit card required.


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Track your solar panels energy production 24/7 and monitor systems performance. Download the app in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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The Solar Solution

Solar Panels allows us to capture all of the energy we need to power our home. Swap your monthly electrical bill for clean energy your produce.

1. End the life long loan you are in with your energy company and start producing your on clean energy at a lower price. 

2. Solar makes sense for everyone, but your needs matter and determine what system is best for your home and lifestyle. 

3. Increase the value of your home while doing your part to save the Earth.